August provides unique opportunity to lower water bills

Joan Shaffer August 6, 2017 Denver Real Estate Market Energy Savings Green Living Home Improvement

As we celebrate Colorado’s 141st birthday this month, it’s an appropriate time to recognize factors that played an instrumental part in shaping our state’s history. Although gold and silver certainly were significant, water plays a monumental role not only in our past, but in the future of our state.

With Colorado consistently in the Top 5 fastest growing states, a burgeoning population needs a sufficient water supply to sustain that growth. With the common occurrence of droughts in Colorado, managing water usage is a critical issue of concern. Fortunately, there are simple ways in which all of us can help make a difference. You might say that the solution can be found in our own back yards.

Outdoor water use accounts for about 55% of the residential water use along the Front Range, most of which is used to water grass. In addition, many Colorado residents use over 200 gallons of water per capita per day. Contrast that to Arizona residents who use 20% less water than Colorado residents, yet live in a harsher climate than ours. That’s because Arizona residents compensate by using native, drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, trees and flowers to beautify their landscaping. The landscape terminology is called “xeriscaping” and it refers to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation.

August is a great time to visit some of the many area xeric demonstration gardens to see just how beautiful xeric landscaping can be. Since many of the xeric plants do best when planted in fall, use this month to develop plans for replacing part of your thirsty lawn with a xeric area. Your efforts will beautify your landscaping, reduce water costs, and help save one of Colorado’s most precious natural resources: water.

To learn about the principles of xeriscaping in Colorado, visit:

For a map of local demonstrations gardens, visit:

Landscaping is just one of the many aspects that determine the value and appeal of your home when it comes time to sell. As a Colorado real estate specialist, call me if you’d like to discuss your home and how to improve its saleability factors.



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