Making the most of your real estate experience in a digital age

Joan Shaffer July 23, 2017 Buying Market Trends Practical Real Estate Tips Selling

In the not too distant past, a properly priced home was perhaps the most important factor involved in selling a home quickly. But in the digitally driven world of 2017, a FOR SALE sign planted in the yard is no longer sufficient.

For example, it is estimated that approximately 80% to 90% of buyers now start their search by looking on the Internet. Understanding where to find those buyers and how to attract them to specific properties is crucial to generating a sale in a suitable time frame.

Despite the heavy reliance on the Internet to help buyers and sellers, some things still require “face-to-face” skills in order to turn a dream into reality. Here are just a few of the ways in which my professional skills can help you in today’s Front Range market:

Helping make the right “first impression.” You cannot overlook the importance of first impressions with potential buyers. Knowing which improvements cost little, but have the highest impact, can put thousands of dollars into your pocket and help get the home sold more quickly.

Showing your home with safety in mind. Letting strangers into your home always presents an element of risk. However, there are safeguards that can be put into place, and I can provide you with details on how this issue would be handled.

Negotiating a “win-win” agreement. Numerous obstacles can complicate a home sale, but my experience and expertise will guide you through this unfamiliar process and demystify murky issues. By working with me, you’re protected from loosely written offers and unfair requests that can easily derail your sale.

Closing with confidence. Working in close concert with the title company, we’ll make sure the costs of your sale are in line with the estimate of net proceeds you’ll be provided with earlier in the process. I will also review the Closing Disclosure figures with you so there won’t be any surprises at closing.

Peace of mind after the sale. By using state and industry approved forms, and making certain all the details of the home are properly disclosed to buyers and their agents, you’ll have total peace of mind in knowing you’re protected from unfair claims after the sale.

If you’re giving thought to buying or selling a home this summer, call me first and let’s talk.



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