The Key To A Successful 2017 Front Range Transaction

Joan Shaffer March 7, 2017 Downsizing Homeowners Selling

From the Bronco’s management team to the family thinking about an upcoming summer vacation, a well thought out action plan is critical to successfully accomplishing a goal. The same can certainly be said for anyone planning to jump into our Front Range real estate market in 2017. But where do you begin? To help with that question, here are six simple steps to help the Colorado home seller prepare for that day when the “For Sale” sign gets planted in the front yard. Even if you’re thinking of a summer move, getting the ball rolling in March will make the entire process easier when you’re finally ready to list your home for sale.

Be charitable: Start with an honest look at your home and gather up your unwanted clothing, furniture, games, toys, etc. Donate your clutter to a local charity. The less crowded your rooms and closets, the more spacious and appealing the home will appear.

Take a closer look: A professional home inspection report will alert you to any repair problems you’ll want to fix before potential buyers scrutinize your property. Break out the tool box: Even small repairs take more time to finish than expected. With plenty of time, little by little you’ll have the house in tiptop condition.

Gather paperwork: Buyers consider it a bonus to have extended warranties on major components such as a furnace, refrigerator, etc., so find out which warranties are still valid. In addition, to show that the house has been well-maintained, gather repair/service invoices on major components, showing what service has been done.

Analyze everything: If you do not plan to sell certain items, such as a chandelier, I highly recommend removing them before listing the house. Although items can be excluded in a sale, such an exclusion often makes buyers want something more – and can become a point of contention in the sale.

Call in a seasoned professional: Our Front Range real estate market is expected to continue to be healthy – and with a healthy market comes the potential for a bidding war, all-cash offers or hardcore tactics from buyers. Wouldn’t you want a savvy and professional negotiator on your side to seal the best deal for you? In addition, my contacts with mortgage brokers, attorneys, inspectors, handymen, stagers and other professionals will streamline your experience.

In short, listing your home is like an iceberg: most of the details of a successful transaction occur below the surface of what is seen, and these are the all important details provided with my services.



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