Halloween Safety At Home

Joan Shaffer October 28, 2016 Activities in Colorado Homeowners Practical Tips

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to think about what we, as homeowners, can do to keep the little “trick or treaters” as safe as possible. So-load up on candy, but before the night arrives, think about these safety-related tips:

  • Although it may seem more fun to make your front porch as scary as possible by keeping it dimly lit–that’s not the smartest move to make. A well-lit home will help prevent injuries, as kids run from one house to the next–often wearing costumes that are too long and can easily trip them up.
  • Candles are as much a staple at Halloween as they are at Christmas, but consider taking a safer route and replacing candles with life-like battery-operated candles. These wax candles even flicker-and although you’ll replace a battery every now and then-unlike real candles, they’ll last forever. An internet search using “battery operated candles” will provide you with a variety of options and prices for these products.
  • Park all cars in the garage or on one side of the driveway-but not in the street. A street that is clear of parked cars is a street where it is easier to see kids darting about.
  • Before dusk on the big night, walk out to your front yard and look around. Have you left a garden hose in the yard? Are the bikes in the garage? Are any of your flower containers located in areas where kids might be running? Are your garden tools put away and not left in the yard?
  • Did you plant any new trees this year? If so, new trees often are staked–and those wires become invisible at night. You don’t need to remove the wires if you’re not ready to do so, but consider tying strips of white cloth to the wires to improve visibility. Besides-with a little wind, those strips will look like little flying ghosts.
  • For the safety of your pets and your guests, keep dogs and cats away from the front porch or areas where they might jump on or even bite unfamiliar visitors.
  • If you’re going to be away from home during Halloween, don’t forget to set your security alarm system before you leave. This is a prime time of year for mischief and burglaries. And above all-be extra cautious if you’re driving around.


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