A Greener Approach To Lawn Care In August

Joan Shaffer August 25, 2016 Energy Savings Home Improvement Homeowners

Water is a precious resource for Colorado homeowners, and hot weather tends to see an increase in water usage. Rather than beef up your water bill during the hot month of August, taking a green approach to lawn care can reduce the amount of water you’ll use, without diminishing the beauty of your lawn. Here are some tips for August:

Mowing: If your grass is too short, you’ll use more water to keep it alive. By mowing at 3 to 3.5 inches, you’ll promote greater root activity, thereby creating a healthier root system that uses less water. In addition, the longer leaf blades will protect the root and soil from the harsh heat and strong Colorado sun. Cutting the grass too short also makes it susceptible to disease, insects and drought, and leads most homeowners to turn to pesticides for solutions.

Thatch: There are conflicting thoughts on thatch buildup and whether it contributes to problems. Today, most lawn experts are not as concerned about thatch as in the past. For a comprehensive look at thatch issues, visit: https://plantscience.psu.edu/research/centers/turf/extension/factsheets/thatch

Reseeding: The best time to reseed is between mid-August to mid-September. This gives the grass seeds time to germinate and establish roots before freezing weather arrives.

Weeding: The best time to remove weeds is after a long rain. Unfortunately, we don’t get too many of those in the Front Range. As a result, many homeowners turn to herbicides to kill weeds. If you must use chemicals, August and September are good times to do so because plants are actively moving food down to the roots to store for winter, taking herbicides along.

For resources on Colorado lawn care, visit: https://csuturf.colostate.edu/Pages/extensionfactsheets.htm



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