How Buyers Can Gain An Edge In Colorado’s Seller’s Market

Joan Shaffer August 15, 2016 Buyers Buying Practical Real Estate Tips

It’s a seller’s market in many communities throughout the U.S., and that certainly continues to be the case along much of the Front Range. In such a market, smart buyers know that there are preparations they must make if they are to increase their odds of success. As we enter our August market, let’s take a look at five things buyers can do to improve their odds of finding a great home, and having their offer accepted by the seller.

Have your finances in order. A cash offer is tough to beat, but if you’ll need a mortgage, meet with a lender to get pre-approved for a loan before you even start looking at houses. If possible, getting a loan “approval” would be one step better than being “pre-approved.” Regardless, helping clients understand their financial options is an important aspect of my services.

Be aggressive. If you find a home that’s perfect, don’t procrastinate. This is an area where my expertise and my sophisticated resources can help by being able to quickly determine if the home is properly priced, and to assist in writing an appropriate offer.

Be prepared to react. I know that it isn’t easy or possible to be available at a moment’s notice, but understand that new listings come on the market throughout the week. Being open to viewing properties at times other than the weekend can be helpful in creating another competitive edge.

Make an uncomplicated offer. There’s less incentive in today’s market for sellers to accept an offer with many contingencies, so keeping an offer simple is best. This doesn’t mean tossing contingencies aside, but it helps to think creatively and be open to options: an area where my expertise can be of tremendous help.

Make an emotional appeal. This approach probably won’t work if the seller has multiple offers that are considerably higher than yours, but if they are considering another offer that is in the same ballpark, a letter appealing to their emotions has been known to give buyers an edge. However, it’s easy to say something that might be misconstrued, or may not work in your favor, so helping clients construct the best possible letter is just another area in which I can be of assistance.

If you’re giving thought to jumping into our real estate market, call me and let’s talk. It’s a complicated market out there, but helping buyers create an effective and creative game plan for achieving their real estate goals is an important part of my services. I look forward to hearing from you.



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