Does The Neighborhood Meet Your Needs?

Joan Shaffer July 22, 2016 Buyers Buying Homeowners

Buying the perfect home is far more involved than finding a floor plan and a price tag that matches a buyer’s qualifications. Experience has shown that the more buyers know about the neighborhood, the easier it is to make a smart decision.

Providing clients with information about an area is an important part of the professional services you’ll receive should we work together. However, many would-be buyers enjoy personally delving into the details of a neighborhood, from crime stats to school districts, demographics and more. If you’re a “detail detective”, here are some comprehensive and FREE Internet resources you may enjoy.

The quality of the school district:

The website for the National Center for Education Statistics is a good place to start. Go to: Click on the “Data and Tools” tab at the top of the page, then select the topic you wish to follow for information.

Great Schools is another excellent website providing detailed information on individual schools such as performance on state tests, classroom profiles, facilities, academics and arts, extra-curricular and special programs offered – as well as student diversity at a particular school. You can even compare schools.

Safety of the neighborhood:

The Family Watchdog website allows you to type in a street address and see if there are registered sex offenders in the area. Click on a square and details of the offender are available, including the offender’s photo. The information is updated daily.

Crime Reports is another eye-opening website also providing details on sex-offenders in the area, but this website shows other crime incidents such as vehicle theft reports, breaking and entering incidents and assults.

Demographics of the area:

Here are two outstanding websites for those who wish to discover the area’s demographics:

First is the US Census Bureau’s website Quick Facts page where demographic information is broken down into cities and counties. Select your area, then select from a wide variety of questions such as population characteristics, family and living arrangements, education, etc.

At the Homefair website you can select from schools, city reports, cost of living and other categories that are specific to a zip code. Here you’ll find stats on demographics, ethnicity, education levels, climate income, crime and more:

How “walkable” is the area?

If the ability to walk to stores and services is important to you, check out the Walk Score website at:

Enter the city and you’ll be given a walkability score. You’ll also be given areas of that city with higher ratings so you can focus on finding a home there, if walkability is important to you.

The Ultimate Resource:

Not to brag, but the absolute easiest way to get the most comprehensive information you need on any neighborhood is to pick up the phone and let’s talk. Armed with answers to your questions, making the right decision is a lot easier.

It would be an honor and a privilege to help you find the home of your dreams.



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