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Joan Shaffer June 9, 2016 Decluttering Downsizing Practical Tips

Spring Cleaning of Unwanted Electronics

For 3 years now, in Colorado it has been illegal to dump computers in the trash. This also includes DVD players, VCRs, monitors, printers, fax machines or any devices with a display. To help you Spring Clean – here are a few suggestions for properly disposing of these items.

Best Buy stores
Easy-to-use website details what they accept, what they don’t – and any possible restrictions that may apply. $25 fee for TVs.

Staples stores
Most electronics and e-waste accepted for free. Limit of 7 items per day. Some items qualify for trade-in money.

Office Max and Office Depot
Buy one of 3 box sizes ($5, $10 and $15) and load up the box with your items. At the website you can download a list of acceptable items – and restrictions/terms.

BlueStar Recyclers
Accepts almost all e-waste and electronics, but charges a fee for some items. After refurbishing electronics, they provide no-cost or low-cost PCs to low-income families. TV pickup service available. Call (303)534-1667.

Denver Tech For All
Accepts all laptops and computers at no charge. They will scrub the hard-drive, refurbish the unit and donate these computers to children in need.

The Wireless Alliance
Provides collection boxes at Verizon, AT&T, Savers and Goodwill, accepting mobile phones, IPods, digital cameras, chargers, phone batteries and phone accessories. Online quotes are available for selling your devices. All equipment is re-purposed in a zero waste, environmentally conscious manner.

Techno + Rescue in Aurora recycles electronics plus handles data destruction. Most items recycle at no cost.

For other recyclers in Colorado:

For details and a video demo on wiping your hard drive clean, for PCs visit:

For MAC instructions, visit:



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